Jan. 6th Select Committee on Black News Channel

Knight discusses #CRT and defunding the police debate

Voting Rights on Black News Channel

Unfiltered with Dan Bongino

Faulkner Focus

FBI Report on Possible Qanon Attacks

Americans Facing Sticker Shock from Soaring Prices

Knight on Fox

Tax Increases + Unemployment Benefits (Fox)


The South’s Next Wave of Voter Mobilization Groups

The historic Democratic wins in the U.S. Senate runoffs in Georgia this past January and the state’s flip to blue during the presidential election …

Voting Rights and Tennessee

Kayla Parker knows that voter protection isn’t sexy, but if you have a minute — or 10 — she’d love to talk to you about it anyway. “I’m loud and I’…


Emerge Tennessee is helping women Democrats get elected, and it’s working | Opinion

This is not a blip. The record number of Democratic women running and winning their elections is encouraging, even thrilling. But, as Executive Dir…

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